Licence Plates are regulated provincially. The requirements for Alberta may differ from other provinces and Territories.

Alberta Veteran’s Licence Plates can be used on vehicles with passenger class registration. This includes vehicles such as passenger cars, SUVs, station wagons, minivans, motor homes, light trucks and motorcycles.

No commercial class, trailers or off highway vehicles can have a Veteran’s Licence Plate.

New Qualifications 2020

  • Must have served in either the Canadian Forces, Canadian Reserve Forces, Allied Forces or Commonwealth Forces during WWII, the Korean War, Gulf War or NATO/UN Missions.

  • Must have served in the Canadian or Allied Merchant Navy or the Ferry Command during war time.

  • Is currently serving or is an honourably released member of the Canadian Regular Forces with a minimum of 3 years paid service or has been medically released under Section 3A or 3B.

  • Is currently serving or served in the Reserve Forces with a minimum of 1,095 days paid service.

  • Is currently serving or is an honourably released member of the RCMP with a minimum of 3 years paid service.

  • Is a member of a Canadian Police Force, who served in a Special Duty Area or on a Special Duty Operation (NATO/UN).

Please send your completed application, qualifying documents (copy) and cash/cheque or money order to Alberta-NWT Command office for approval.

Vehicles must be registered (can be jointly) in the Veteran’s name to be entitled to display a Veteran’s Licence Plate.

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