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Help Veterans All Year Round

Everyone has something to give. Be prepared to roll up your sleeves. You can volunteer during the Poppy campaign or at a local branch. There are multiple ways to get involved.

You can help out during Remembrance or, better still, you can work behind the scenes all year long. The Legion needs your skills and commitment. Here are just some of the ways you can help us to help today’s Veterans, while we honour the memory of those who have passed.

You can volunteer as an individual or as a group. Maybe your company would like to volunteer?

Contact us here to volunteer at any time.

At Remembrance Time

For our annual Poppy Campaign, many branches require volunteers to deliver and pick up boxes (vehicle required).

Contact us here to volunteer at Remembrance time


  • Maintenance
  • Special Events Organizers
  • Cleaning
  • Decorating
  • Sports Committee

  • Making displays
  • Photography
  • Serving/Busing (daily, Veterans dinners)
  • Website Support

If you would like to volunteer and would like us to pass on your information, please contact the Alberta-NWT Command Office for an application or click the link.

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Calgary, AB


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