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Alberta-NWT Command represents The Royal Canadian Legion in Alberta and the Northwest Territories through its many branches. It is a membership organization, dedicated to honouring the service of Canadian and Commonwealth Veterans, assisting current Veterans to access the help and benefits they deserve, promoting the Poppy Fund during Remembrance, and preserving the memory of those who fought and died for Canada.


I donate because I’m the daughter of a Veteran

The Poppy Fund comes to the nation’s attention in November – but you can make a donation, any time, locally at your legion branch to support Veterans and Remembrance in your community. Please remember.

Are you a Veteran in need of assistance?

Your Legion is here for you. Get in touch with your local Legion today, you don’t need to be a member to get help.

Anyone can join the Legion. Become a Member.Make a Difference.

Important Dates


  • 1New Years Day – Office Closed
  • 31Poppy Trust Fund Statements Due at the AB-NWT Command Office
    District Poster & Literary First Place Winners Due at AB-NWT Command


  • 19 Family Day – Office Closed


  • 16 Service Officer and Poppy Training – Edmonton – Kingsway Branch No 175
  • 24 District 4 Spring Rally Caroline Branch No 177
  • 29 Good Friday – Office Closed


  • 1 Easter Monday – Office Closed
  • 6 Service Officer and Poppy Training – Calgary- Centennial Branch No 285
  • 7 District 2 Spring Rally Fort Assiniboine Branch No 210
  • 13 Provincial Executive Council Meeting
  • 20 District 5 Spring Rally Olds Branch No 105
    District 6 Spring Rally Taber Br No 20
  • 21 District 8 Spring Rally Leduc Br no 108
  • 26 Sgt-At-Arms Training – Hythe Branch No 93
  • 27-28 Dominion Executive Council Meetings – Ottawa
  • 27 District 1 Spring Rally Hythe Branch No 93
    District 3 Sprig Rally Viking Br No 81
    District 9 Spring Rally Strathmore Branch No 10
  • 30 Branch Year End Financials Due at the AB-NWT Command Office


  • 20Victoria Day – Office Closed


  • Poppy Campaign information to be sent to Branches with order forms and pricelists
  • 1 Canada Day – Office Closed
  • 5 Calgary Stampede Parade Day Office Closed


  • 5 Alberta Heritage Day – Office Closed
  • 9-11 National Track and Field Meet – Calgary
  • 17 District 9 Fall Rally Strathmore Branch No 10
  • 24-28 Dominion Convention – St John NB


  • 1 1 Early Bird Membership Campaign runs to November 30
  • 2 2 Labour Day – Office Closed
  • 15-21 Legion Week
  • 21 District 3 Fall Rally Worthington Br No 29
    District 6 Rally Robertson Memorial Br No 17
  • 30 Truth and Reconciliation Day – Office Closed


  • 5Provincial Executive Council Meeting
  • 14Thanksgiving Day – Office Closed
  • 15Poppy Orders must be sent to AB-NWT Command to ensure delivery by the start of the Poppy Campaign. Orders after this date may not arrive before the campaign starts
  • 19District 8 Fall Rally Morinville Branch No 176
  • 25Poppy Campaign Begins (last Friday of October)


  • 11 Remembrance Day
  • 22-24 Dominion Executive Council Meeting


  • 1 Literary and Poster Competition Deadline to submit to Branches
  • 15 Last Day to order Pull Tickets
  • 20 Literary and Poster Competition Deadline to submit to District Commander
  • 31 Poppy Year End
  • 23-31 Christmas Break – Office Closed
Important Notes
  • Monthly Financials & Meeting Minutes to be submitted to your District Commander
  • After Branch Elections send the updated Branch Executive form to the AB-NWT Command Office
  • Alberta NWT Command Provincial Convention May 2-4, 2025, at Stony Plain

Help Veterans all year round

Everyone has something to give. You don’t need to be a member, or a Veteran. You just have to be prepared to roll up your sleeves. You can volunteer during the Poppy campaign, at a local branch or at HQ in Calgary. There are multiple ways to get involved, such as visiting a Veteran or writing notes to those currently serving or local Veterans.


Your membership does a whole lot of good

The Legion is Canada’s foremost Veteran support and community service organization. Join now and help us improve the lives of those who served, support our communities, and remember the Fallen.

Anyone can join.

Silent, invisible battles

There are an estimated 80,000 Veterans in our Command. You seldom hear about them. Some have moved on with their lives. But too many suffer alone.

The Legion’s Service Bureau assists Veterans by preparing and filing claims with VAC, but they also look at the well being of the Veteran and their family by helping with medical and financial supports. There’s no problem too big or too small. We’re here to help. Without question free of charge.

Veterans shouldn’t be silent or invisible.

Find Your Local Branch

With over 1400 locations throughout Alberta and the Northwest Territories, you’ll have no trouble finding a Legion near you. Click below to find your local Legion using our branch locator.